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The challenge is change…

Today’s schools, colleges and universities, public institutions, and nonprofits operate in an environment of rapid, unsettling change. Ongoing social and economic restructuring, advances in technology and communications, and increasing competition for scarce resources are rendering business-as-usual approaches to planning ineffective. Many organizations are caught in a cycle of reacting to the change they fear – rather than creating the change they seek. In a word, they lack strategic vision.

The goal is strategic vision…

If organizations are to achieve their missions and succeed in an uncertain world, they require more strategic approaches to change: reliable information on the scope and impact of emerging trends; deeper understanding of the strategic issues and choices they face; a clear direction for the future and a focused plan to achieve it; and better ways to measure their success in doing so over time. A strategic vision can offer all these benefits … and more.

The NXT approach works…

NXT Consulting Group helps organizations develop and implement strategic visions for the future. Our inquiry-based approach and robust methodologies and tools – environmental scanning, visioning, in-depth strategic planning – demystify change, clarify critical choices, articulate powerful visions, and enable the achievement of real world results.

The NXT planning model is driven by five simple questions:

  • Where are we now? (Understanding the organization’s key strengths and weaknesses, and its core values.)
  • Where are we headed? (Identifying key trends and emerging issues that are driving the organization’s future.)
  • Where do we want to be? (Articulating the organization’s vision for the future.)
  • How do we get there? (Developing a plan to achieve the organization’s vision.)
  • Are we getting there? (Measuring and evaluating the organization’s success in achieving its vision over time.)

NXT is ready to work with you…

NXT Consulting Group offers the tools and expertise to position your organization for optimal success in the future. We will customize our approach to meet your organization’s specific planning needs and resources. Our work style is informed and collaborative, flexible and comprehensive. We can help you and your organization sift through the mounds of data and maze of choices to chart a strategic direction and course of action for the future…bringing your customers, stakeholders and partners along in the process.

Let NXT help you envision, plan and achieve.