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Our Valley, Our FutureOur Valley, Our Future – Wenatchee Valley, Washington (2015-17)

Our Valley, Our Future is a visioning project for the Wenatchee Valley in North Central Washington, an agricultural region and growing recreation, tourism and vineyard destination. The Wenatchee Valley has a history of political fragmentation and duplication of services. The Our Valley Core Team, representing a number of public, private and civic organizations, was formed to promote greater cross-boundary collaboration through a valley-wide, community-based vision and action plan. Among Our Valley’s guiding principles were extensive outreach and broad engagement, in part to encourage the involvement of the valley’s growing Latino population. Our Valley has formed a Leadership Alliance of community leaders to promote implementation of major “Game Changer” projects in the Our Valley Action Plan designed to accelerate achievement of their vision. Since the plan's release in 2016, several game changers are well underway. The project is currently developing a series of indicators and metrics to measure its progress over time. Since its inception, Our Valley has been awarded a major grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support implementation of smaller, community-based projects in its Action Plan.

Greater Newport Area Vision 2040Greater Newport Area Vision 2040 – Newport, Oregon (2016-17)

The Greater Newport Area Vision 2040 project addressed the area's major challenges and opportunities, including impacts of coastal tourism and vacation rentals, urban revitalization along the Highway 101 corridor, transportation and other urban infrastructure, affordable housing, social services, the region's increasing cultural diversity, and growing the complex of marine-related businesses and science initiatives that anchor the local economy. Newport 2040 utilized a variety of civic engagement tools to engage the local population for this effort, including major workshops, a DIY "meeting-in-a-box" kit for residents to participate in small group settings with friends and neighbors, targeted Spanish-language outreach, social media, and online surveys. Newport's Vision 2040 Advisory Committee, representing key community stakeholders, shepherded a final community vision and strategies, along with City roles and priorities. The resulting 2040 vision will be used to guide the City's plans and decisions beginning with the Council's next annual goal setting session, as well with the initiatives of its community partners. (Project delivered in collaboration with HDR.)

Couer d’Alene 2030CDA 2030 – Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (2013-15)

Not long ago, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (“CDA” to the locals) was known for its adversarial city politics, with partisan agendas and a divisive Mayoral recall campaign. CDA 2030, a comprehensive update of a visioning process conducted 10 years earlier, was sponsored by a partnership of leading community institutions, including the City of Coeur d’Alene, Coeur d’Alene Area Chamber of Commerce, and University of Idaho Coeur d’Alene. Working with a Project Management Team and Citizens Advisory Committee, and staffed by a Project Manager, CDA 2030 involved thousands of citizens in overcoming past politics to build consensus on strategic directions for the greater urban area going forward. The CDA 2030 Implementation Plan involves 42 public, private and civic partners, and has been officially adopted by the City of Coeur d’Alene to guide its future programs and planning. With the conclusion of its visioning and planning phases, CDA 2030 was reorganized as an independent community nonprofit organization whose mission is promoting implementation of the 2030 Plan. Among its early outcomes are new efforts aimed at protecting Lake Coeur d’Alene, the region’s most prized natural asset, and revitalization of East Sherman Avenue, the city’s once overlooked eastern gateway.

BoldFutureBoldFuture for the Coastal Bend – Corpus Christi, Texas (2009-10)

BoldFuture for the Coastal Bend was a comprehensive visioning process for the two-county, greater Corpus Christi, Texas metropolitan area, managed by a consortium of public and private organizations including the City of Corpus Christi, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi and Del Mar College. One of the core goals of BoldFuture was to promote more collaborative decision-making by key stakeholder groups in the Coastal Bend. To better inform process participants, BoldFuture produced a major community profile detailing emerging trends for the Coastal Bend and identifying strategic issues that were distinct to the region compared to the rest of Texas. In additional to a high-profile project Advisory Committee, the project also formed the BoldFuture Ambassadors, a citizen task force providing volunteer community-based outreach, networking and facilitation for the process, bringing the project closer to Coastal Bend residents. The BoldFuture action plan was unveiled in early 2010 and accepted by the City of Corpus Christi with subsequent updates and progress reports.

Bend 2030Bend 2030 – Bend, Oregon (2005-07, 2012)

Bend 2030 was the largest civic conversation in the history of the City of Bend. Launched in the City’s centennial year when Bend was experiencing unprecedented growth and rising housing costs, Bend 2030 pulled out all the stops to engage one in seven adult Bendites in the conversation. The result was a 25-year vision and action plan engaging more than 63 partner organizations from the public, private, civic and community sectors in Bend and Deschutes County. More than 100 community leaders served on six action teams to create the strategies and actions that made up the Action Plan. In its first five years of implementation (2007-11), nearly 85 percent of the 2030 plan was estimated to be completed or underway. With the City of Bend's backing, Bend 2030 transitioned into a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting achievement of the community’s vision. The organization remains an active and vital part of the Bend community today, highly involved in city challenges with its Move Bend (transportation), Collaborative Housing and Civic Equity initiatives. In 2012, Bend 2030 sponsored the Accelerate Bend five-year vision refresh, which adopted new, tech-savvy planning tools, including electronic polling, interactive online surveys, and extensive use of social media.

Bend 2030EnVision Downtown Hilo 2025 – Hilo, Hawaii (2004-05)

EnVision Downtown Hilo 2025 was a community-based visioning process for the city of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Hilo is the second largest city in the state of Hawaii, while the Big Island is the most ethnically diverse county in the United States. Urban revitalization and community resiliency were the major concerns of this coastal community, including the ongoing threat of volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and hurricanes. Envision Downtown Hilo 2025 was a joint effort of the County of Hawai'i and the Friends of Downtown Hilo Steering Committee, representing business, education, community and environmental organizations. (All cities on the Big Island are unincorporated and fall under the jurisdiction of the County of Hawai'i.) The Hilo visioning process placed special emphasis on building community capacity for engagement and providing a comprehensive model for the development of community plans elsewhere on the Island. The process resulted in a Vision and “living” Action Plan for Hilo, and a successor committee called the VisionKeepers organization formed to promote ongoing plan implementation.